33 Things to Do with Your Kids this Summer

… in and around Atlanta GA

Photo of a mom and kids riding bikes in Atlanta

Now that the kids have been out of school for a few weeks, you’re probably finding them propped in front of their video game or bouncing off the walls because they are so bored.  As a parent, you want each Summer to be a relaxing time, but also memorable!  In order to create those memorable moments and keep them from going stir crazy, here are 33 things to do with your kids n this Summer…

33 Fun & Inexpensive Things to Do this Summer in Atlanta

1 :: Decorate bicycles and have a 4th of July Parade!

2 :: Create a fort out of cardboard boxes

3 :: Mini Bowling – All you need is a dozen pencil erasers and a marble and you have a mini-bowling alley (highly addictive). Learn how to create.

4 :: Camp out in the backyard – make s’mores on the grill (no need for a campfire!) and tell ghost stories

5 :: Play dress up with mom and dad’s clothes – or go to a thrift shop and find some fun clothes

6 :: Lemonade Stand – help them build a stand and make the lemonade and then give all or part of the proceeds to a good cause (this could be a week-long event!)

7 :: Make paper boats and have a boat race in the kiddie pool

8 :: Write and illustrate a book. You can have it bound together at Kinkos. Kids can also create a book online at MyStoryBook.com

9 :: Make popsicles with ice cube trays, paper cups, and molds – get inspiration

10 :: Make Sock Puppets and have a puppet show for the neighbors or invite the grandparents over

11 :: Balloon Badminton – this just requires a few balloons, paper plates, and sticks!

12 :: Interview an older relative and ask them about what it was like when they were children

13 :: Get a map of the US or World and talk about places you would like to visit

14 :: See Firetrucks! Decatur has “Touch-a-Truck” (free) and Marietta has the Marietta Fire Museum (almost free)

15 :: Have a tea party – invite neighbors and dress up

16 :: Take a nature walk and then make a collage from all of the items they found during the walk

17 :: Scavenger Hunt – you can do an A thru Z hunt, road trip hunt or get more ideas here

18 :: Visit a water park – there are at least 5 water parks in Metro Atlanta

19 :: Game Day in the backyard – potato sack race, egg toss, relay races, etc. Invite the neighbors!

20 :: Lemonade Stand – help them build a stand and make the lemonade and then give all or part of the proceeds to a good cause (this could be a week-long event!)

21 :: Make a homemade pizza together

22 :: Visit the Folk Art Garden in Calhoun – it’s amazing for kids!

23 :: Popcorn Race – you just need a few straws and a few kernels of popcorn and kids have to blow through the straw to make their popcorn kernel move. See it in action.

24 :: Go to the Atlanta Zoo!

25 :: Create a canvas painting – for older kids you can do self-portait and for the younger ones it can just be finger paint / abstract painting

26 :: Pick berries and make jam

27 :: Visit CREATE ATL, a free event for families every Sunday in Midtown. Learn more.

28 :: Paint faces on rocks

Family friendly Activities for boys in Atlanta29 :: Build a Road – put colored tape (like painter’s or masking tape) on the carpet and create roads for the toy cars and trucks

30 :: Visit the library – some libraries have story hour, so that’s a nice little break for you! Another option is the Little Shop of Stories in Decatur.  It’s a fully interactive book store for kids of all ages.

31 :: Decorate cookies or cupcakes

32 :: Visit a different park or playground each week – a few favorites include Sandy Springs Playable Art Park, Bessie Branham Park in Kirkwood, Shepard Nature Preserve and the Dunwoody Nature Center (just to name a few!)

33 :: Even if they’ve already gone back to school by mid-August, it still feels like summer!  Be sure to go to the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival.

Hope you have a great Summer and find plenty of things to do with your kids!
— your friends at Urban Nest Real Estate Group

Photo of Dad and kids playing - and looking for fun things to do this summer in Atlanta.

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