At eXp Realty, our family of forward-thinking real estate professionals work together to achieve bold career and life goals. Everyone has a vested interest in the success of the company, as each agent becomes a stockholder after selling their first home. eXp Realty International is leading the way with the most powerful online marketing, green business practices and virtual technology. This innovative business environment offers an unparalleled agent benefits package, as you will see below:

I joined eXp Realty almost two years ago with my team. After many years with Keller Williams and a then a small boutique firm, I can tell you that eXp is the perfect fit. Our team sales and transactions almost doubled from the previous year, as they encouraged me to build MY brand (not just promote the brokerage) and also supplied us with the support, training and tools that we were missing at our other firms. Now I know every brokerage thinks they have the best training and support, but here are a few examples:


Many of the agents on the team have been able to supplement their income with the free leads from the Kunversion site and are now hiring buyer’s agents to help them with the overflow! The first time I used the Seller lead system on Kunversion, I spend $34 in Facebook ads, received 21 home valuation requests which resulted in several listing appointments!


Because we are all stockholders in the company AND have a revenue share plan, everyone works together to make our agents a success. All of the new agents have sponsors and are assigned <b>at least three people they can contact if they have questions — even at 8:00 pm.


We receive training on a national level, so those agents or brokers who are training may work in Seattle or Boston and they don’t mind sharing their “secret recipe” to success with agents in Atlanta. At many other brokerages, top agents will share what’s working for them, but there always seem to be one or two ingredients missing — because they are presenting to their direct competitors! 🙂 I’ve had agents in Maryland share their listing presentation with me and another agent in Arizona share his Craigslist auto-post tool. That would never happen at any of my previous brokerages.


After only a year with the company, I’m making the equivalent of one home sale per month in revenue share. Now many people cringe at the word “recruiting” but when your business is thriving, many agents are just natually curious about what you are doing and want to be a part of it. As eXp expands in the Atlanta area, more and more agents will be curious, so it’s a great opportunity for you to assist your fellow agents and start building your retirement fund!

I could go on and on, but if you would like more information about eXp Realty and/or what I’ve been doing to build and expand my business, please reply to this Craigslist ad and I’d love to talk with you!
Call anytime at 404-432-1844.

When working with eXp Realty, you will receive:

Excellent Splits

80% to 100% Commissions with an annual cap…. and no franchise fees.

Training & Coaching

Enjoy 15 to 20 hours of classes in the cloud office each week, as well as 1:1 coaching and mentoring.

Personal WordPress Website

Created and hosted by eXp. This is your site to brand and grow – and take with you wherever you go in your real estate career.

Lead gen website provided by EXP RealtyKunversion Lead Generation Website

Normally, Kunversion is at least $400 per month, but for eXp agents, this website is free! This tool is very similar to Boomtown and within days (sometimes hours) you can generate multiple buyer and seller leads with this robust tool.


You can use the Kunversion CRM or eXp offers one of the top customer relationship management tools at no cost to the agents.

The first agent owned brokerage, EXP RealtyOwnership in your brokerage

After you sell your first home with eXp Realty, you will receive stock in our publicly traded company (EXPI). There are also other options to acquire stock because we believe that it is so important to have everyone invested in the success of the company.

Revenue Share

Want to retire from real estate one day? The eXp Realty revenue share program pays you a residual income from anyone you attract to the company, regardless of office or company profitability. It’s simple and straightforward… if they make money, you make money.

Technology Team

The “Working the Magic” team at eXp is available to answer any of your tech questions, assist with your websites, help with basic graphics requests and provide weekly training to optimize your website, utilize new tools and social media strategies.

The list goes on and on!

Learn more here or contact us at 404-432-1844 for more information.

What our agents are saying about exp Realty…

Top Atlanta real estate agents at EXP Realty and URBANEST“Very excited to be a part of the eXp team! I spent my first year in real estate with another brokerage here in Atlanta. Needless to say my first year did not go so well. I was promised big things that just never happened. I was on the verge of giving up when I met some eXp agents and I decided to give another brokerage a try. BEST decision ever!

I love not having to run contracts to the office and always having access to unlimited training without even leaving my home. Everything is so much more streamlined and efficient than what I was used to. Everyone that I have encountered at eXp has been so helpful and great to work with. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!”

— Amy Long

See what real estate agents are saying about EXP Realty“Very pleased with my decision to join eXp. I’ll be honest to say that I didn’t interview very many brokerages because once I sat down and heard about the opportunities at eXp (plus the low fees, small brokerage split %, etc), it was a no brainer! I am surrounded by a lot of support and leadership, which was very big for me as I entered the real estate world as a newbie. I hit the ball running and had 2 closings within my first 2 months! I love that I can do all my paperwork transactions online from my home office and seldom drive to an office except for occasional group meetings (which is always a nice time to swap stories/share ideas). We can always “meet” in the cloud and listen in to classes from the comfort of our home. This is great because if I’m having a bad hair day, nobody will ever know! But seriously, I am very happy with my decision to be at eXp and have no regrets at not looking elsewhere to start my real estate career.” — Molly

Agent feedback“I joined EXP Realty in October of 2013. I was at a point that I needed to focus on growing my business and brand and this seemed like a logical step for me. The amount of support from everyone from the CEO to my state broker has been phenomenal! The amount of education that is free every day in the Cloud is unheard of from any Real Estate Company!

In just the past year, I have developed a website (with great help from our Working the Magic tech team) that is generating valuable REAL leads, grown a team of 5 and almost doubled my sales! With EXP, my Net Commission Income has grown tremendously…. Yes, you have to work every day to grow your business just like with any career but with EXP, I always feel that help and support are there 24-7!”

— David

History of eXp Realty

  • 2015 – eXp Realty named one of the AJC Top Workplaces in Atlanta (#24)
  • 2014 – eXp Realty International is now in 29 states and two providences in Canada
  • 2013 – eXp became a publicly traded company (EXPI)
  • 2013 – eXp was featured in the Annual Swanepoel Trends Report and referred to as the “” of real estate brokerages
  • 2012 – Glenn Sanford (the founder) was named as the 100 Most Influential Leaders by Inman News
  • 2011 – Iman News Most Innovative Brokerage of the Year finalist
  • 2009 – Glenn Sanford founded eXp Realty International


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