The US Housing Bust is OVER!

By Kerry Lucasse |


Bottom of the housing marketAfter years of speculation as to when we would actually reach the bottom of the real estate market, we finally have some GOOD NEWS!

In today’s headlines, Wall Street Journal (WSJ) declares that the U.S. Housing Bust is over.   They surveyed Wall Street Journal survey of economic forecasters found that 93% agree (44 out of 47 surveyed) that the housing market has reached its bottom.

The WSJ noted that “housing is still far from healthy despite the Federal Reserve’s efforts to resuscitate it by helping to push mortgage rates to extraordinary lows: 3.62% for a 30-year loan” and there are some areas that were hit harder than others (with job losses and real estate values), so it will take those areas longer to recover.

Read the full article, titled “Housing Passes a Milestone.


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