Recycling in DeKalb County is now FREE!

By Kerry Lucasse |


Recycling in DeKalb County GA is now FREE!

Last week Dekalb County voted to eliminate the $30 fee for curbside recycling — and the vote was unanimous!   As of 9/26/2012, curbside recycling for Dekalb County Residents is F-R-E-E!  Now there is no excuse for Dekalb County residents not to recycle your boxes, glass, and paper!

DeKalb’s Sanitation Services will deliver the bin and bags to you and all you have to do is sort your recyclables and set them out Wednesdays.   To get started right away, fill out this short form to get your recycling bin and bags. Learn more about Dekalb County’s efforts to reduce landfull disposal and increase recycling at


Dekalb County Curbside Recycling Registration Form

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